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2017 what to expect

Ramble time, if you know me.  Yes, I can talk.  About 500 miles an hour.  But I think, just as importantly, I’m a good listener.  My cabin on the ride out to the fishing grounds is often a therapist’s office.  I love what I do.   Fishing..

It’s only March 7, but I’m already dreaming nightly about what the year is going to look like.  Yes, I’m Capt. Rich and fishing is my life.  It’s my job; my passion.  We have a couple of weeks at the end of April to finish out 2016′s rules on haddock…15 per person… On May 1, it   becomes 12/person.  That’s not a big deal.  The fish will be bigger this year than last year, surely.  I am available to fish 7 days/week.  Let’s have a blast going for haddock…If the weather permits, we are also able to head much further out and go for pollock as well…This opens up the April/May porbeagle fishing as these sharks are common in the deeper water.


Scup, otherwise known as PORGY…..Do you want to go for them?  Great limits of them available (45/person) if you are interested.  They make a great plan “B” if the winds are too much to go for haddock and “that’s your game”…  We have them available starting on May 1….

Plan on fishing for striped bass if you are into catch and release of an amazing fish..  We will see them come into our area in great numbers starting in late May.  This is mostly casting, jigging, and even live bait….I don’t like to troll for them, so don’t worry about doing that all day.  No wire-line jigging, either.  You’ll be able to throw lures at them, topwater, bucktails, soft plastics…I have a blast fishing for them and you will too.  We typically catch 20# for the cooler…..nice sized to eat and lots of fun on light tackle.


Just about the same time as stripers arrive…we start to see bluefin tuna…  Normally, June is the month for the big ones…  Here’s my question:  How do you want to fish for them?  I will do what I can to make it the best day ever for you.

Last year, I changed up my tactics a bit and many people loved it.  Instead of focusing on “run and gun” fishing with spinning gear, I did a lot more tuna fishing with the big gear…Wicked Tuna style, shall we say.  This did a few things…It slowed me down!  Yes, we all got to relax a bit while tuna fishing!  Normally, a run and gun trip entailed zipping all around, looking for breaking fish to which we would cast lures in an effort to catch tuna.  Everyone on the boat had to be a very accomplished fisherman to do this…  With live bait fishing, patience and optimism was all that was needed…  We would catch our bait on the fishing grounds and then set up the big rods and wait.  It’s fishing old school.  It was well-received and I expect to do much more of it this year.  Let me know how you’re interested in fishing and we’ll set you up.

cropped boat IMG_20160818_114454695 IMG_20161101_154333578 IMG_20161101_142109404 IMG_20160913_091752652

I normally wouldn’t look this far ahead, but the shark fishing is a summer/fall event.  The reason I’m saying it now is that people often plan these trips far in advance because they’re fishing while on vacation or planning their fishing around their summer plans..  Two things…weekends go quickly and tournament fishing is limited.  Call 508-269-1882 if you’re interested in tournament fishing…. or anything else..  July 13-16 is our main tournament time and it’s still open..  Yes, we took second last year in the one tourney that we fished…

shark plaque


I plan on fishing into December this year, but for that, we’ll wait a bit.  Let’s focus on the spring fisheries that we have…haddock, pollock, redfish, and porbeagle shark… Also, our Buzzards Bay fishery for porgy, sea bass, and fluke…

Let’s have a great year, Capt. Rich, 508-269-1882  Fishing out of Green Harbor, Mattapoisett, and Chatham…