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Tuna Fishing Trip–$1,200

Tuna fishing is the crack of fishing.  Once you get stung by it’s thorns, you get wrapped up in it!  In the world of run+gun fishing (jig and pop), nothing is more amazing than seeing a school of tuna busting on the surface.  When the fish hit the lure, you don’t know if it’s a 100# fish or a 400# freight train.  We’ve had fish on and battled them for hours.  Sometimes you win; sometimes the fish gets away..  Sometimes the shark gets the fish (yes, after 3 hours we had a monster mako take a 300+ pound tuna off of our line)

Here is a video from November 2014

John Bretza and Mike Caruso with bluefin tuna

Because I trailer my boat, we are at the epicenter of tuna fishing in the world!   We have caught fish one mile from my truck, but we have easy access to Cape Cod Bay, Stellwagen Bank, Peaked Hill Bar, Wildcat Knoll, Boston Harbor, and the whole backside of Cape Cod down to Chatham and south of Cape Cod.  I’m serious about this sport, but I make it fun as well.


Tuna on Stellwagen Bank


For newcomers to the big game fishing, we can troll or use live bait for tuna.  I troll squid bars or we can drift live mackerel, bluefish, or other fish to bring the tuna to use.

For people who are up for a challenge, jigging and casting to breaking tuna and on known hotspots is a way to fight tuna on unconventional gear!  It’s a blast and a workout like none other.  I love the excitement.

Casting for tuna

The “wicked tuna” in everyone now…yes, we can set up as they do on the program, but we’ll use 80′s instead of 130′s….We’ll fight the fish standing up instead of from the rail.  It’s the best game in town (or, the most boring…!)

See you out there.  Weekdays see less pressure from other boats, and this is better for fishing for that great fish!  Here is a big fish…83″ caught on a surface lure and tuna-ready spinning rod and reel.  It’s the ultimate in sport fishing!  305# of muscle!

Giant Tuna

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