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Stripers and Blues: $1,000

Trolling schmolling. For stripers and blues, we cast and jig..  Everyone has their gear and we fish old school…like you did as a kid fishing in a pond…you cast, reel, set the hook, and it’s all you.

Striper on the Black Rose

Striper on the Black Rose

That’s my feeling.  NO WIRE LINE ON MY BOAT!  We love vertical jigging for them.   We do our best to put you on top of the fish so that you can cast lures to the fish… My feeling is that I want every cast you take to catch you a fish…or at least you should expect a bite at any time…and EVERY TIME!  Yes, I did have one comment one day “Rich, that was my 15th cast in a row with a fish!”For instance….how is this for action?  Yes, I will stop talking now.. this is what I expect when fishing for striped bass in May and June!  Of course, at any time the bluefin tuna can we’re always ready to upgrade our gear to heavy spinning and jigging gear.  We’ve seen the big tuna in 20′ of water before!  You never know what you’re going to see.

Father and Son Striper Fishing

In fact, we normally see whales, seals, dolphins, and other great sea life on our striper grounds.  We fish Plymouth Harbor, Race Point, Peaked Hill Bar, Barnstable Harbor, and other places to find these fish.  Of course, if we do get into the bluefish, they really fight hard and are fun to catch.  Of course, if you don’t want to eat them..they make the best shark baits of all time…


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