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Striped Bass

Striped Bass on Cape Cod

Nice striper for boy

This is probably the most famous game fish in our area.  They are fun to catch, even though much of the fishery is catch and release now.  Think about it…We can keep one fish per person, but there are days when we land 100 fish….Yes, they are fun to catch.  Watch some of the videos…it can be insane…

We don’t troll for them.  We don’t wire line jig for them.  I give you a fishing rod and say “catch one”..  You can cast topwater lures, soft plastics, jigs, bucktails..  Or you can live line mackerel or herring.  They get crushed by bass.   You get to use gear that you like to use.  I have had guys bring their freshwater bass gear.  Why not?  It’s catch and release anyways and the scenery is usually amazing!

We see whales, seals, sharks, tuna, and millions of birds on these trips.  We fish Provincetown quite often, Peaked Hill Bar, or even Plymouth Harbor.  So much fun.

Prime time is the end of May thru the end of July.  Be ready in case the next fish that jumps is a tuna!  We have had giant tuna busting in 30 feet of water before!Father and Son Striper Fishing