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Okuma Fishing Tackle.

If you look at my boat, you’ll see a lot of Okuma gear.  Over the years, I have tried a lot of their gear…What you see now on my boat is the gear that works and that I can depend on. Their Makaira line of rods and reels can’t be beat.  Check out their Facebook Page.

Spro and Gamakatsu 

For hooks, terminal tackle, and my inshore groundfishing lures, I depend on these companies.  As you know, for tuna fishing, we end our connections in a Spro Power Swivel and then attach our lures via a Spro Split Ring.  Simple connection that HAS NEVER FAILED.

Savage Gear Lures

Can you say “Striper-Athon”?  Our striper fishing last year was a blast and great success, partly because of the ease-of-use lures such as the Savage Gear SandEel.…I love using single-hook lures for stripers….On the “swimbait” side of things..they rocked it with their glide bait.  Amazing lures.


I don’t like mystery breakoffs…  With the braid that I’ve been using via Tuf-Line, it’s a rarity.  That’s important to me.  We use Tuf-Line XP on our deep drops for groundfish and for backing on our tuna/shark gear.  For our tuna jigging and popping, we use Tuf-Line Guide’s Choice Hollow Core line in 60 and 100# tests.  It’s very smooth and packs on the reel really nice.

Dexter Knives

When you look at a knife that you’ve had for 20 years and see “DEXTER” burned in to the handle….You know what I’m talking about.  Recently, I’m also on a serrated knife kick…I love that I can cut through the easy bones and just keep filleting… With shark fishing, having a small serrated utility knife makes cleaning a shark a breeze…It’s amazing cleaning a whole shark with nothing more than a simple utility knife, but it’s the best in my opinion.


Yo-Zuri Lures and Leader Material

Yes, making my own flourocarbon leaders for tuna fishing….80#, 100#, and 130# leaders and you want to be able to depend on your leaders to hold up.  If you’ve seen some of the Yo-Zuri lures…they change color depending on the angle at which you see it!  So, walk the dog and the lures keep changing color….perfect to entice a hit from a following fish.

Stingo Fish

For years I have used the PBJ jigs for cod, haddock, and pollock.  These lures sink really fast and we often can fish 9oz jigs in 400′ of water when jigging up pollock.  We referred the 7 oz jigs as “haddock crack” when jigged slowly on the bottom, simply standing them up and dropping them fast.  In 70-120′ of water, squidding a 7 oz or 10 oz PBJ jig is deadly on stripers, and, of course, bluefish.

Forecast Fishing

This is a Apple App.  It’s great to keep on the phone for current conditions and reports from areas in which you want to fish.  Keep it handy to see regulations and species identification as well.