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Shark Fishing on the Black Rose

Big Mako Shark
Big Mako Shark

I’ve watched almost every sci-fi shark movie ever made.  I love sharks.  I love shark fishing.. More importantly, I LOVE taking people shark fishing. Why?  Because you will have the opportunity to catch shark after shark, often times catching 20-30 sharks in a day.  This is big game fishing, but with very predictable results.  These aren’t dogfish, weighing 10#…. These are big fish, usually weighing 200+ pounds.


Most of the sharks that we catch, when we are after “Numbers” are blue sharks.  Only rarely are they under 100#…We have caught them over 400#….Pretty much every trip out there puts us onto a 300#…  They are fun to battle for kids, adults, women, experienced anglers and rookies alike.

Gelu and a porbeagle


But, “can you eat them?”  No.  Not an edible shark.  I hear that question a bunch.  We obviously have a chance at makos and threshers on these trips….we also have gotten quite adept at catching porbeagle sharks over the past several years….  These are the three edible sharks that we can catch up here.  They are very tasty and they freeze well.

shark plaque

In the North Atlantic Monster Shark Tourney in 2016, we took second place with a 383# porbeagle…  Great fish!  In addition to the hope of catching an edible shark, we also can fish for haddock, pollock, and other groundfish while fishing for sharks.  This puts a nice mix of fish in the cooler while shark fishing.

Blue sharks….our biggest had to be pushing 500#….the last I know, I saw it’s tail hitting me upside the head….


Thresher….we have landed a true giant…565# on a scale.  It’ll probably never be topped on the Black Rose.  Seeing that monster start jumping is something that I’ll never forget!

Big Game fishing


Porbeagle…the heaviest we weighed was the 383#, but I know we came home with a few in that ballpark, maybe bigger.   We have lost several that crushed those fish, so we will get bigger in 2017!

Second Place


Mako…344# was our biggest to date….They get much bigger.  Typical is around 250# in our waters.  They almost always jump.  I have recorded the splash a couple of times, but the camera kept the jumpers out of sight!  We lost one that was a 1,000# if it was a pound.  Massive.  We lost it after an hour and no one was even upset.  Frightening fish.

Shaaark 051

We don’t use “80″ reels..  Our typical outfit is three-fold:  Okuma Makaira 50′s on matching rods.  For guys having fun and practicing on spinning gear, we use tuna spinning rods and reels.  For kids and smaller anglers, we use scaled-down shark rigs—Okuma Andros 16 reels on matching rods.  This way, you fight the fish; not the tackle.


We fish for sharks from April-December.  We only see porbeagles in April, May, and December..  In June we can fish south of Martha’s Vineyard for threshers, makos, and blue sharks…  Porbeagles are around year-round out of Green Harbor.  July-October is prime shark fishing.

Yes, we also do a lot of fishing for sharks with breakaway hooks… Watch this video!