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Shark Fishing $1,250

I love shark fishing!  Let me tell everyone that.  I have gotten into tagging these great fish to help protect the resource.  We release most of our sharks anyways.  We target sharks.  Period.  Sure, we want to catch makos, threshers, and porbeagle sharks, but we often catch blue sharks… Very often!  We typically catch 10+ sharks on each trip.  I have to say that’s really predictable big-game action!

Big Game fishing

And by “big”…I don’t mean 100# big.  Most of the sharks that we catch are over 200#…on most trips, the biggest shark is over 300# with many each year surpassing 400# and some larger than that..   We’ve seen some real monsters out there!

my mate with a mako


I love what the jaws look like when mounted.  The following jaws are from customers who did it right! The first set on the board was an 87″ mako and the second was a 150# porbeagle shark.  Check out the teeth.  Amazing.  Just like a hunter puts a trophy on the wall, so belong a nice set of shark jaws.  And, unlike hunting…shark fishing means that you get to keep fishing after you catch one!!!!

Big Porbeagle

One of the best times on a shark trip…the business expense trip!  Yes.  What a hero you’ll be…take a customer or key employee out fishing…..then the line starts screaming and they’re onto the fish of a lifetime.  You have made a very special connection there!  Plus, as an ex-financial advisor….I think that fishing is more fun than golf!  And you’ll be able to take some awesome photos that your client will have on their wall forever!  Is it tax-deductible?  Probably….hmmmmm..

And for the “I want to take something home” clientele….yes, we can do that!  We often shark fish over the same waters as when we’re cod fishing…so, dedicate a couple of guys to groundfish while everyone else shark fishes.. and you rotate!  No one just sits there. But, if you want to sit and relax, we can do that too.

Let’s just say that I really get into shark fishing!!!!

Mako, Thresher, and Porbeagle jaws

Porbeagle Jaws

Porbeagle Jaws


fowler set of jaws

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