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Yes, it’s haddock.  One of the best eating fish in the ocean and they are plentiful!  In April, May, and early June, we get them in shallow water using light tackle.  They are awesome.  We used to use bait for them exclusively, but we have done really well using jigs and teasers (flies) for them.  They aren’t huge, but they are tasty and they swarm!  Our biggest ever was 11#, but 4-6# is more typical.

We find them in shallow water early in the season.  This is my favorite type of fishing because you can use very light tackle–gear you’d use for fluke, porgy, or even freshwater bass.

Fishing for them a lot recently, we found some great tricks, many with the use of underwater cameras that reveal their behavior….  This type of fishing is great for kids, families, and non-fishermen as they bite readily and the action is very fast.  There is no boredom.  In the summertime, when the fish move into deeper water, we still find them, but we also have the luxury of fishing for other species.


One of our favorite trips is the shark/haddock combo.. We fish two people for haddock while setting out a full array of shark rods.. This allows us to drift all day while shark fishing, but also catch fish for the freezer and keep everyone busy…open boatHaddock are around all year and there is no bad time to fish for them.  I love finding them in shallow water in April, May, and June, but they are around all year.