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Groundfish trips: $1,100

Groundfish…what does that mean?  Well, cod, haddock, pollock, hake, whiting, cusk, halibut, redfish, bluefin tuna, and sharks. When do we fish for them?  If my boat is in the water, we can catch them.  Yes, they are the foundation of our charter fishery in the Northeast.

Three Pollock at Once

Three Pollock at Once

Codfish can reach 70+ pounds (our largest was estimated at that size).  In the springtime we may find them in shallow water on top of Stellwagen Bank.. They’re a blast to find there because we can use light tackle and small jigs (7 oz jigs)..

Haddock are normally found around cod, but we often use bait to entice them to bite, although we’ve found them to be willing jig-biters as well.  They are the best eating fish that we see.  We have been catching them in 60-100′ of water in April, May, and June.

I love pollock.  They are the strongest fighters of the three main groundfish and are good eating!  We bleed every fish right away and fillet them quickly…This makes the fish as tasty as possible and it lasts a long time if you freeze it well.

Tons of cod

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