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2016 Year in Review



2016 Year In Review in Photos, to music and movie quotes

What a year!  Porbeagle Sharks dominated the news this year.  We were invaded and we did great catching them.  Big sharks, too.  The smallest was over 150# and most were 250#+.  Fishing in the Monster Shark Tourney, we came in second place with a 383# beast.  This was on day two of the event…On day one, we landed a 230# shark, only 20# shy of the cut off….(but in the “wiggle room” range)…

Second Place


Big news for groundfishing was the relaxation of the haddock regulations.  We were allowed 15 fish each, and we complied!  The fishing in April, May, and June was epic in 60-100′ of water on Stellwagen Bank.  Cod were also everywhere, but still not allowed.  I hope that changes…  All summer we hit haddock and sharks at the same time.  It’s my favorite way to fish.

Tuna…..Bigger fish this year…..I also changed techniques, going back to live bait fishing on Okuma Makaira 80′s.  More people got into that than my normal run+gun folk.  But the run+gun game is still alive and well.


In all, we had a blast.  My boat is the “biggest 25′ boat out there”.  It fishes well; I love what I do.  I get excited.  You have fun.  See you on the water!  If you’re reading this on my website, please visit my Facebook Page as I keep more up to date there.