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Pollock and Shark on May 9

Ok, I’m getting back into the swing of things after trips on Friday and Saturday. Friday’s trip was just plain insane with the numbers of fish. We just hit everything right. We had a slow drift, so when I was able to find schools of fish, we were able to pound them. The key was finding schools of keeper fish, which 100+ fish later, we did. Yesterday was a bit more of a challenge. Strange ride out.. we had big residual waves from the blow from Friday afternoon and night.. But there was no wind. And fog. But no one else on the water. The ocean is a ghost graveyard. No one is fishing. I haven’t seen a recreational boat yet this year.

We were looking for the fish yesterday..that meant trial and error. Of course I’m throwing out a shark bait… First one got hit and you could see the teeth marks on the side of the pollock.. The next bait got slammed! No doubt about it. Shark on! I hope you like the video that I put on Facebook. Nice harpoon shot for my customer’s first harpooning! He button-hooked it well. I liked that he was nervous! Pretty funny asking a customer to throw. He was wiped out and the other customer reeled in with his other hand, so it was up to me to finish it off. Good eating shark, about a 180# porbeagle.

Porbeagle Shark


(Click on this photo for a great video of us landing this shark)

The pollock fishing was a little slower, but we still managed some respectable fillets for the freezer. (and I’m eating some now!) See you out there; the PORGY bite is on now with monsters in Buzzards Bay. We’re talking about 3# scup on light tackle in 20′ of water. It’s a blast for the kids.Gelu and a porbeagle Mike with porbeagle