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2015 Year in Review

Wow, another year under my belt, and I’m back trailering again.  The govt took away our cod fishery, so I decided to leave Green Harbor and trailer to the fish.  What a great idea!  I had an amazing spring with trips into Buzzards Bay for black sea bass.  That fishery rocked.  Most of the fish we caught were 3-5# males (kept..we caught tons of fish)…  For guys in 2016 who want porgy, I’ll have the boat set up to anchor, chum, and bail fish.  You’ll have the ability to get as many as you want (within govt. limits)…

The tuna fishing was as good as it was in 2009 and 2010!  Yes, I followed the fish and burned some gas.  We landed our best fish on spinning gear in October (305#)…  For guys worried about the bail-less Van Staals that I used…I retired them so you won’t have to worry anymore.  They held up great, despite some confusion.

Wait until we fish for sea bass…mostly “trout sized” rods and small jigs.  It’s a blast.  BUT THE GOOD NEWS…15 HADDOCK PER PERSON!!!!  Let’s get groundfishing again.  Last year we hooked porbeagle sharks on almost every trip in April, May, and June.    Great eating shark to go along with haddock and pollock.

We ran some more amazing striper trips this year.  The action, spread out over miles, gave us a chance to really have fun.  Light tackle casting of Savage Gear Sandeels was fun.  When we had live bait, (whenever we wanted!) we’d use baitrunner reels from Okuma to catch bigger fish.  You’ll have to try that in late May, June, and July.

Speaking of bigger fish…I rigged my boat to better target giant tuna….so let’s get you all ready for that next year…. We’ll, here is my video that I hope you enjoy.  If you can follow us on Facebook, much of my day-to-day writing is done there.   Plus, I love the interaction….