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2015 Fishing Schedule

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This is going to be a different year for me on the Black Rose….For the past seven years, I have had my boat in a slip in Green Harbor.  It’s been an awesome place to fish from…for groundfish, tuna, stripers, and shark.  Why did I choose Green Harbor?  For the best access to cod and haddock..Before the government “catch shares” fiasco, cod and haddock were my bread and butter.  Thus, this was the best marina on earth for me.


But…with the regulations being what they are, I’ve had to adapt my fishing strategies…I LOVE FISHING.  My customers remind me of it every day.  It’s been in my blood since I could walk, and taking people fishing is something that brings joy to me, my customers, and to those around me.  I am Black Rose Fishing Charters.  I tried getting another captain to run my boat…Universally, my customers said “Rich, we are fishing on the Black Rose because of you.”  I get it.  I love that.

Year end Mako

Back to my marina….in 2015, I plan on keeping my boat where the best fishing is….In March and April, that means I’m fishing Stellwagen Bank for pollock and porbeagle.

In May, I’m fishing Buzzards Bay as much as I can for the most incredible run of scup (porgy) and sea bass.  I will be running two trips each day.  Many people have asked about an “afternoon trip followed by a morning trip” so they can come up and get two limits of porgy while only staying for one night.  It’s fun fishing and very productive.  I will give a discount for those willing to do this.


By the end of May and into June, I’ll be targeting Striped Bass like you’ve seen on my Savage Gear Striper-Athon videos…  Light tackle, fun fishing.

striped bass

Tuna….did anyone notice the smile on my face this past fall when the tuna arrived on Stellwagen Bank?  My goodness was that fun.  Because I am going to be more mobile, I’ll be staying on that bite all summer.  If that means I run out of Cape Cod, I’ll see you on Cape Cod.  Run and gun… Giant fishing….Trolling…remember trolling for tuna? It’s a way to fish for tuna if you’re not “technically inclined to use spinning gear”.  I’m ready and rigged.

bluefin tuna trip

Shark fishing on Stellwagen is incredible.  We all know that by now.  We typically catch 10+ sharks in a day.  If I can extend my season by a whole month by fishing south of Cape Cod…yes, I’ll be running trips down there in June….  There is a great shark fishery off of Cape Cod as well, and I think that we have a better chance of putting a mako or thresher onto the boat.  I like eating thresher…It’s one of the best eating fish that we have.  But porbeagle sharks…think November, December, March, April, and May…more shark fishing!!!!  Yes, I’m still making chum! 

shark fishing

So, what I’m saying, is that I’ll go where you want and fish for what you want to catch.  This is going to take a little more logistics…that is why I am going to try to book more of my schedule early this year…so that I can get trips grouped together (a string of shark trips off of the Vineyard, all in a row, for instance..)  I’ve started booking trips already…the earlier the better…

As I have done in the past, for people coming in from a distance and looking to book back-to-back (or even longer) trips…I still would like to offer “an extra day”…that is to say, if you book two or three+ trips in a row, I will offer to reserve an extra day to your booking in case of bad weather (book three days, fish two, pay for two..but at least you know that you have some flexibility because of weather.  I like doing that.)

For those of you looking to stay in the Plymouth area, I have arranged some very good lodging and dining options for you if you are interested.  Just call ahead of time to discuss.

It’s going to be a great year again.  My sponsors have been really great for me over my career and I continue to support them as they do me.

Okuma Fishing Tackle has made incredible strides over the past nine years.  I use their rods and reels for almost all of my fishing styles.  Their Makaira line of rods and reels are top notch; their jigging rods (Cedros and Andros) haven’t failed me and the Cedros reels are a blast to fish with; able to handle some amazing tuna and not too big for pollock and bass.  They have some new gear for 2015 that I’ll have on my boat that I know I’ll be very happy with.

Tuf-Line has really kept the Black Rose fishing.  Braid is such an important factor in this fishery.  We do a lot of deep fishing for pollock…having braid is key.  For tuna fishing, having thin, strong line gives us the line capacity that we need.  I love their 60# Guide’s Choice hollow core line.  It is more than enough for our jigging reels and spinning reels for tuna.  I love it.  I use their 100# Guide’s Choice for backing on my Makaira 50-wide reels for shark and tuna.  It’s nice knowing that you have 600 more yards of line once you get to backing!

Spro….I can’t say enough about my terminal tackle.  It’s one place that you never want a failure.  Spend a little extra and get the best.  A great fish, landed, often depends on it.  In 2015, we are going to focus a lot on Black Sea Bass and Spro will be having a fun promotion on the Black Rose!  More details to follow.  For the hooks….Gamakatsu have not failed…the best this year was using the red octopus hooks..without teasers, to catch pollock!  Also, using a weighted worm hook to catch both stripers and sharks!  Yes, sharks on spinning gear.

Savage Gear…Speaking of promotions…the First Annual Savage Gear Striper-Athon was a success in 2014!  The action was great and using mostly soft plastics to catch bass all day made releasing them so easy. But it’s not a big deal if you don’t catch them!  But we slammed them!  I hope to do another one of these promotions in 2015.

Dexter Knives.…Now, I’ve filleted a lot of fish and I know that I have my preferences…that’s one of the reasons that I love the serrated knives…let’s just say that I don’t have to sharpen them that often!  They cut through bones easily; get through the skin without issue…For sharks, I use a really small, super-sharp utility knife to fin, gut, and do 90% of the work when cleaning a shark.  It’s that easy.

Yo-Zuri….I’ll be sitting down over the winter, watching the Bruins and making my own wind-on leaders for tuna fishing this year.  I’ll be using Yo-Zuri Flourocarbon leaders….clear for the popping leaders and pink for my jigging setups.  Using their sliders…we will be casting some solid lures with the right action at bluefin tuna all over Cape Cod this year.

Stingo Jigs continue to give us an edge on the deep water pollock fishing.. I mean, fishing in 400′ of water with a 9 oz jig is so much more fun than hoisting a 21 oz Norwegian jig all day!!!  And they work great!  Tuna love them too….and if I had one iron jig to hit stripers with…it would be a 7oz Stingo PBJ for waters 60-120′ deep…

Cush It…just use it…Wally, just use it! LOL.


So, let’s take a good look at making 2015 a blast for everyone…I’m going to be relying a lot more on Facebook to keep reports and dialogue flowing.  It’s the greatest place for talking about shared charters and even ride sharing….I get a lot of guys looking to come up from NJ, NY, and Conn…nothing wrong with meeting other fishermen this way.

See you all soon!  Taking reservations already….

Capt. Rich Antonino, 508-269-1882 (cell/text) or