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I have been informed that cod don’t exist anymore, but I’ll put them on this page just in case we see one.  I want you to be able to identify them.   Of course they exist.  (don’t tell the government that, though).  Yes, I built this entire business on codfishing.  Not just cod fishing, but actually catching them.  Man they are fun to catch.



In 2017, we are fishing for haddock in much the same way that we fished for cod for the past couple of decades….  Cod get big and they get big quickly.  This is good.  They also breed profusely, given the chance.  So things do look good.  In 2016, we found TONS of cod on Stellwagen Bank and all around.  Unfortunately, we were informed that that was the only place cod existed in good numbers, so we can’t take them. (a scientific study done by UMASS Dartmouth covered .6% of the Gulf of Maine in a study, but found 23% of the biomass estimate given by the govt for the entire Gulf of Maine…), but I digress…


In 2016, there were most days in which we had to move the Black Rose to AVOID cod… We would have four guys fishing, all reeling in double headers of 10 pound cod….  It was some of the best cod fishing I’ve ever seen…But we had to throw them all back.  Those fish, in 2017, will be 14-16# fish, all 32″ long.  It’s going to be awesome fishing.  They will be everywhere.


Our biggest cod was pushing 70#, caught on a single shrimp in 300′ of water about 10 years ago.  It was awesome.  I would be curious to see how the cod fishing is on areas where we used to get big cod…there hasn’t been a reason to fish there since 2011.  I bet we could find some monsters!