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2015 Year in Review

Wow, another year under my belt, and I’m back trailering again.  The govt took away our cod fishery, so I decided to leave Green Harbor and trailer to the fish.  What a great idea!  I had an amazing spring with trips into Buzzards Bay for black sea bass.  That fishery rocked.  Most of the fish we caught were 3-5# males (kept..we caught [...]

How to Translate a Frantic Shark Capt...

Big Game fishing
This all happens so fast…here is what I mean to say, when I don’t have the time to say it…

How to use Breakaway Hooks for Shark ...

Aerial view of the Black Rose
This makes the easiest release ever when shark fishing.  Check it out!

How to fight fish “wicked tuna&...

Big Game fishing
Use this technique when battling a fish that is too strong for your drag and rod….