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Bluefin Tuna

It doesn’t need any introduction.  These fish are the best.  Strongest.  Fastest.  Tastiest.  Most challenging.  I love fishing for them.  We chase them with spinning rods (run and gun).  We jig for them.  We use live bait.  We troll.  Some people harpoon them.

Giant tuna

But we love them.  They are common from 50# to 500#…They reach 1,500 pounds.  We have seen them over 1,000#… We’ve hooked them that big.  We’ve brought 700# fish boatside….  My heart races just thinking of these fish.


How do you want to fish for them?  Trolling or live bait is the way to go if you have a crew that is not all strong anglers.  This type of fishing still opens up the world of tuna fishing to them without prejudice.  If we have rookies on board, casting spinning gear is not always the best fit. I like this type of fishing because the anticipation is incredible.  You set up; we watch baits, everyone is assigned a rod… And if it goes off….

With live bait, we will be targeting the giants of the giants..  We still catch smaller fish, but the gear is designed to fish for the big ones!  We can fish with standup gear or use rods designed to be fished out of the gunwhale.  The boat and rod does a lot of the work.  It’s a team effort with those fish on the line.

Running and gunning is the world’s most exciting form of fishing.  Watch some of these videos…  They speak for themselves.  Make a perfect cast.  Put the right action on the lure.  See a smash.  Set the hook and hold on.  Don’t let the line go slack or touch the boat.  Don’t high stick the rod and break it.  Don’t reel against the drag.  Breath.  We fight them hard, so don’t expect to be on the rod for more than 20 minutes at a time.  We rotate anglers to keep you fresh and strong.  It’s the proven way to land big fish quickly on spinning gear.

We’ve landed fish over 300# with spinning gear.  It’s a feat not accomplished in many places on earth, but Cape Cod is the best place around.

Rich AntoninoNice TunaGiant Tuna


These fish arrive on Cape Cod in early June (or even late May) and don’t leave until December…The weather varies, because this is Massachusetts….Flat calm and 95 degrees in July to 25 degrees and choppy in the late fall/early winter…  When do you want to fish?  If you want to fish with a “Plan B” or “Day 2″ for something else…we have those options readily available… Capt. Rich Antonino, 508-269-1882