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Black Sea Bass


Ok, we all grew up fishing shallow water, fishing for “whatever would bite”.  Here is one of the best things that can see your bait or lure.  Black Sea bass fight hard, grow quickly, change sex, and taste great.  I didn’t sneak in that transgender comment.  All sea bass start off as females, then change to males after a couple of years.  Then they get those big blue lumps on their heads…

buzzards bay fishing

black sea bass

We fish for them in the spring and summer out of Buzzards Bay and around Martha’s Vineyard.  In May and June, they are dependably caught within a few miles of the marina.  Talk about a commute!  By summer time, they spread out, but we still find them in great numbers, along with other fun species such as taugog (blackfish), stripers, fluke, bluefish, and scup(porgy).


In our summer trips, it’s best for the people who say “let’s go fishing”…that is to say, we can fish all day and catch whatever we want, without specific target.  Much of the time we could just go out to a sea bass area, and catch fish every drop until we limit out…  I prefer to get to an area, then float around, looking for the biggest fish, without rush.  So much fun.


We typically keep fish that are at least 3 pounds, while we shoot for fish that are 4-6 pounds.  They are delicious!!!