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Tuna fishing at it’s best!


pollock fishing is on fire and the tu...

pollock fishing is on fire and the tuna are insane
I think that this sums it up.  It’s only October 12, so we have another month of fishing….  I’ll have photos and stories on my Facebook Page! 

Tuna Fishing Today…

Honeymoon sharking
Yes, I’m going out this afternoon to see if we can’t get ourselves into a giant tuna.  With nothing on tap for trips today and tomorrow…I’m giving it hell tonight from 4-dark…then, rather than come home for a few hours, we’ll just hang out until first light to give it a try again.  Why not?  I haven’t [...]

June 7 Striper-Athon!

June 7 Striper-Athon!
How amazing can fishing be?  Well, we found out.  We had fish breaking around the boat for 5 hours on this day.  I mean, we kept our 10 keepers and released about 60 stripers from 15-25 pounds.  Almost every fish was caught on soft plastics…using Savage Gear Sandeels and Herring imitations.  They got slammed.  Chartrouse was the best co [...]

Savage Gear Striper-Athon

Savage Gear Striper-Athon
More to follow….fish didn’t get the invite. …they will soon!

More scup(porgy) fishing in Buzzards ...

More scup(porgy) fishing in Buzzards Bay  May 20, 2014
Much slower than yesterday, but we did have a big storm push through last night with amazingly high pressure today.  The fish we got, though, were very big.  Still a blast.  We traveled a bit running around looking.  I know we weren’t alone; I saw many boats jockeying around all day.    Great crew and lots of fun.  You know when you hav [...]

Jumbo Porgies (Scup) in Buzzards Bay!...

Jumbo Porgies (Scup) in Buzzards Bay! May 18, 2014
Yes, the fishing was insane yesterday.  We got a ton of scup to 3#2oz….that’s a monster!  Most of the fish were 1.5 pounds or so….One pounders got looked at funny!  Two pounders were common.  We only had to move two or three times all day.  Anchoring in 22′ of water is so cool. Reminded me of being a kid again.  I̵ [...]

May 8, 2014 Cod, haddock, pollock, an...

Big Red Fish
Ok, we lost a big porbeagle shark.  Very cool seeing these big, tasty sharks around the boat.  We hooked up on a jig, on 50# mono…..200′ from the bottom.  The line just stopped:  Bang!  Fish on.  Not much of a fight..more of a slow, steady pull as if it didn’t know that it was hooked.  When it got to the surface, it rolled o [...]

May 2, 2014 Stellwagen Bank and Tilli...

midget cod
What a perfect day on the water today.  The weather was a: warm and B; flat calm all day.  The fish did bite, but there were lots of short fish swimming around.  They were “Wednesday’s keepers”….fish that were legal a few days ago…. We did pick at legal cod and haddock all day to make it respectable.  Not the cra [...]

Groundfish trip, Tillies Ledge, April...

Aerial view of the Black Rose
Here’s the first trip of the year and it wasn’t  super memorable one as far as killing fish was concerned.  It was fun.  The boat ran great…we went out at 32 mph and hit a bunch of areas… The SW corner of Stellwagen Bank was covered with draggers.. 10 to be exact.  I hate seeing that.  They tear up the bottom and it ke [...]