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The Black Rose

It’s the biggest 25′ boat there is!  I think, technically, with the pulpit, she’s a 27′ boat.  With the giant open cockpit, she fishes like a much bigger boat.  I love having people fish from the bow… For this reason, I put the pulpit and second bow rail on the boat.  It’s an amazing place to cast and jig! [...]


Striper on the Black Rose
It’s loaded up, gassed up, running.. It’s still in my yard, but I only have a 20 minute ride to the ocean!  I’m ready to go.  I made up 40 wind-on leaders over the past couple of weeks, so I’m ready to top off my cod rods and, of course, have my shark rods ready. We just released our second episode at CastNCrew.  You c [...]

Some massive blue sharks on Stellwage...

Fighting a blue shark without a harness
This was an amazing battle!  Cod fishing when we saw a gigantic blue shark come by!  We just had to catch it!

Funny Porbeagle Shark Video

jimmy with porbeagle shark
They aren’t that easy to tail rope! It’s dangerous work and why I bring a mate with me when I go shark fishing..  Only thing, we weren’t shark fishing that day!

How to Harpoon a Porbeagle Shark

Big Porbeagle
We nailed this big porbeagle shark in the middle of Summer on Stellwagen Bank, using a live whiting for bait.  It was taken in 30 seconds!

How to use Breakaway Hooks for Shark ...

Aerial view of the Black Rose
This makes the easiest release ever when shark fishing.  Check it out!

Handfeeding a shark filmed on GoPro

Honeymoon sharking
This is so cool. We are going to get the best footage with our two GoPro Cameras!

Tail roping a giant thresher shark

kids with tail
Yes, after 2 hours, we landed this huge shark.  It jumped three times, then sounded in 600′ of water and finally got tail wrapped…

Kids loving their monster thresher

Big Game fishing
Yes, it was 456# Thresher, hooked and fought a lot by a 10-year old!

Race Point Striper Action

Father and Son Striper Fishing
I put together this insane footage from the end of May until Mid-June…predictable action!